Anyone who has ever been tasked with sourcing any form of care for themselves or a loved one whilst working, will know how difficult, stressful and cumbersome the process can be with the need to search multiple online platforms or navigate the public sector and local authorities for appropriate service providers. This has only been exacerbated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic and on-going cost-of-living crisis.

WeMa is a long-term digital solution that overcomes the working carer challenges being faced by businesses globally.

Vivek Patni - CEO

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People before Tech

Our mission is to facilitate independent and healthier living of millions for people by Connecting Care in Communities. WeMa delivers a high standard of personalised service that meets the secondary care demands assisting employers to not only resolve major HR issues related to staff health and mental wellbeing, recruitment and retention, but also benefit from improved business continuity and productivity.

People have never been in a better position to take control of their own or their loved one’s physical and mental wellbeing. These trends, supported through WeMa, offer a brighter, more viable future for the entire care, health and wellbeing sectors at a time when challenging conditions dictate that change is essential.


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