Revolutionising support for unpaid

Working Carers

Helping people gain better access to care for themselves and their dependents

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Wellness Management - WeMa (Swahili) - Noun - “Goodness”, “Kindness”, “Excellence”

In the next year there will be more Employees with Adult Dependents compared with Child Dependents

1 in 7 employees are working carers

70% suffer from mental ill health

54% have negatively impacted financial wellbeing

2.88M have left work in the last 10 years

We’re here for your Working Carers

WeMa is the leading platform supporting the informal care challenges of people across the UK.

We combine CQC regulated WeMa Care Experts, innovative AI technology and vetted social care service providers to manage their care responsibilities

Relieving their caring pressures and making them feel supported and comfortable whilst at work.


Serving '0,000s of employees across the UK

Within the UK’s leading brands


WeMa embeds in your business’ employee benefits scheme and rewards program

Offering 24/7 access to care informational content, education and training for staff at all levels

Guiding employees through a simple pathway when they may be struggling to care for their dependent

A WeMa Care Expert designated specifically to your business

Providing your business with insights into the scale of your working carer challenge and implementing actionable improvements

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If your business doesn’t offer WeMa, we can still help!

If you are an Unpaid Informal Carer and your business doesn’t have access to WeMa’s benefit services, we’re still here for you.

We can work with you on an Individual basis and support you and your family through your care journey.